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We represent clients living throughout the United States and in many countries worldwide.  It is not necessary to live in our state or to visit our office to be fully represented by the Immigration Law Firm of Alma Defillo.
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Skype and phone consultations are available upon request!

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Step #1 – Call to make an appointment for a consultation

Step #2 – Fill out the Client In-take Form

Step #3 – Pay in person or on-line

Step #4 – Consultation with one of our attorneys, either in person or via telephone

Step #5 – Our attorney will analyze the facts of the case by applying current U.S. or State Laws

Step #6 – Our attorney discusses your options and begins working towards a favorable resolution

Step #7 – Sign a written contract for the Law Offices services, customized for your particular situation

Step #8 – The Attorneys and staff will begin working to bring resolution to your case

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